Synergy Health Testimonials


“Thanks Synergy Health!”

Every time I went to my doctor with a new problem, I left with a new prescription. Little did I know that my symptoms were actually related to a common cause. The good folks at Synergy Health got to the bottom of what was causing the symptoms, helped me make a plan to fix the issue and got me back to full function without using more drugs. In fact, I was able to decrease some of my medicines and completely get off others. Thanks Synergy Health!


“Grateful to the Synergy Health team!”

After years of having stomach issues and a bunch of medical tests with all normal results, I worked with the team at Synergy Health to find out what was actually making me sick. After listening carefully to my story and asking me lots of questions, they helped me develop a plan that put me back in charge of my health. While working with the Synergy Health team, I learned what was making me feel so bad and how I could fix it with their help. I am happy to say that I am feeling great and enjoying life. Grateful for the Synergy Health team!


“Best medical experience ever!”

I want to thank the team at Synergy Health for totally fixing my belly.  I had belly issues for a long time and no one could figure it out. Test after test, all normal.   After working with the Synergy Health Team, my belly issues are resolved and I am feeling the best I have ever felt.  Best medical experience ever!  Thanks Synergy Health for helping me enjoy life again!


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