Allen Frye


Cofounder of Synergy Health Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine, LLC.

Life experiences shape the person we become. Allen, the oldest sibling to three brothers and one sister, learned the values of compassion, caring and empathy from a young age. At the age of 4 years old, Allen was blessed with a younger brother. Life would not be easy for the younger sibling as he experienced birth complications, infections and brain damage during the first few months of life. He was not supposed to live to see his first birthday. Allen had the honor and privilege of helping care for his brother for eighteen years before his passing. During those years, Allen learned the true meaning of caregiving, unconditional love, acceptance, peace, compassion, empathy, grace and fortitude. Allen’s mother was a guiding force in instilling those qualities by her selfless daily example. This would become the foundation for Allen’s career choice of nursing.

Six days after high school graduation, Allen entered Mercy School of Nursing in Toledo Ohio, a private nursing school ran by the Sisters of Mercy. The only male in his nursing class and one of the few males in nursing at that time, Allen embraced the challenge of nursing education, one patient at a time. He quickly learned that the patients were his best teachers and the value of listening to their story. After graduation from nursing school, Allen joined the care team of a large health system and provided care to patients in the Cardiac Unit. After about a year, Allen was searching for something more, somewhere he could make a difference, make an impact on the lives of others as his brother made on him. Allen left Toledo and joined the staff of Children’s Hospital in Columbus. Allen found a home at the Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he practiced for over seventeen years.

When it was time for a change, Allen practiced in the Emergency Department for well over a decade. During that time, he began to realize that many of the people who were seeking care in the emergency department were there out of frustration due to lack of answers for chronic conditions. Frequently, patients would share their journey of feeling terrible but having all “normal tests”. Their frustration, hopelessness and anxiety over the lack of answers made a powerful impact on Allen. After having a similar experience during a personal health crisis, he sought out a different approach to his situation. He realized that the problem could not be solved by taking more medicines to mask the symptoms. The problem could only be solved by finding the cause of the symptoms and treating the actual problem. He was able to find answers and solutions through the use of a systems biology approach rather than a disease management approach. He sought out and completed advanced training in Functional Medicine, a branch of medicine that focuses on the systems biology approach.

As a nurse, Allen knew he wanted to help those patients who were struggling to find answers, get to the source of the problem. He returned to school and attended the University of Cincinnati to earn a Master’s degree in Nursing Science, completed advanced training in Family Practice and is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Allen continues to advance his education as a doctoral student at the Northern Kentucky University; and, attends frequent training to advance his understanding of Functional Medicine to help his patients.

Allen has three nephews he adores, is an avid hockey fan and has a passion for asking “why?”.


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