Additional Services

Community Educational Seminars

Would your organization or club be interested in having us prepare an evidence-based health and wellness lecture or discussion? Would you find it beneficial to provide your team members preventative strategies to enable them to take charge of their health? We can customize a presentation on a variety of health topics and provide preventative health information that your team can utilize in  optimizing their current health.

Professional and Academic Wellness Programs

Dr. Wilcox-White has successfully developed and implemented a Wellness Curriculum for an Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly important in the academic training programs in medical schools, and in fact are quickly becoming an ACGME requirement for the majority of training programs. The ability to successfully complete rigorous medical training, and yet maintain a healthy lifestyle is a crucial skill and helps to combat physician burnout. We want our newly trained physicians to physically, mentally and emotionally thrive as future healthcare providers, and be able to teach these important lifestyle factors to their patients. We can provide a proposed curriculum, suggested literature resources for journal club discussions, and lecture topics to assist in the implementation of a Wellness Curriculum for your academic or professional program.

School Wellness Program Development

Having a well organized and implemented wellness program in our schools has become more important than ever. In our cell phone dominated social media age, our children are constantly inundated with communication and social information. Managing stress at an early age is paramount in preparing our children to be happy, well-adjusted adults. There are many key interventions that our schools can implement to combat stress, peer pressure, social stressors, as well as anxiety and depression. Does your school have an established Wellness Program? Do the teachers and staff at your school have support systems to help them manage the difficult responsibility of interacting and inspiring our children each day? Does your school provide mindfulness training or yoga classes to help reduce stress? We CAN help! We can provide your program and staff with programs that can be easily implemented to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction. Students who participate in these types of programs have been shown to thrive in the classroom academically. We can help to design and implement custom designed programs for your institution.

Small Business Health Strategies/Wellness Program Development

Does your small business have a contracted Wellness Plan for your employees? What preventative steps are you taking to improve the health and productivity of you and your staff? We can provide solutions to your unique challenges in providing proven preventative health strategies, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, and stress reduction strategies to improve the overall health and vitality of your employees. We not only can provide in-person presentations, lectures, and discussions, but we can also provide virtual conferences that you and your staff can view when it is convenient for you. We can work with you to develop Wellness Initiatives that not only improve the health of your workforce, but also improve job satisfaction and retention. Become the employer who provides a supportive environment that enhances the wellness of their staff!

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